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How to hire a cleaning contractor

All you really need is our phone number (610-539-3295). We will give you a ballpark estimate over the phone.

If you are looking for detailed pricing, we would happy to visit your facility, measure your various areas and learn about your cleaning needs and expectations. We would then develop a cleaning proposal that includes all the details. We hope that through meeting us and seeing the thoroughness of our proposal, you will hire us. But you do not have too. You may take the detailed information we provide (based on your input of cleaning expectations) and ask other contractors to submit competing bids. Whether you hire us or not, you will be impressed. And, if you don’t hire us, you might at some point in the future.

This is a warning. The following information is necessary, but it is very detailed. If you feel overwhelmed, stop here and call Dillon Building Services. Also, if you do not know the answers to questions like; “How often should the area be cleaned?” – we can give you recommendations.

Here is what we, or any other cleaning contractor will want to know in order to provide you with a detailed proposal to perform your cleaning:

  1. How big is your facility (square feet)?
  2. What type of space is it (administrative offices, medical offices, school, warehouse, manufacturing, etc.)? If it a mixed space (i.e.: office and warehouse) what is the size of each area?
  3. How many people occupy each area? How many visitors frequent each area? This affects how much trash is generated and how much usage the rest rooms experience.
  4. What type of flooring do you have (carpet, ceramic tile, stone, waxed vinyl, etc.)? Again, break out the size of each floor type area.
  5. Are floors to be mopped daily, or once or twice per week? Are carpets to be vacuumed every cleaning visit or once or twice per week?
  6. Do you want floor maintenance included in your proposal (carpet cleaning, machine scrubbing, stripping and waxing)? If, as is most common, you have multiple floor types, the square footage of each is required for floor maintenance pricing.
  7. Do you have any special needs? For example, furniture moved back to certain positions, special attention in certain areas (i.e.: boss’s office, visitors’ areas), restocking of non-cleaning related supplies or any other specific need you may have.
  8. Are any of the following items to be included: window washing, window treatment dusting/cleaning, ceiling light fixture cleaning, HVAC vent dusting, policing outside areas, event set-ups, floor maintenance. Note: it is customary to have the cleaning priced without all of these “project work” items and provide separate pricing for the project work to be done on an “as-requested” basis. However, some companies prefer regularly scheduled project work. It is your call.
  9. How frequently do you want cleaning performed (monthly, weekly, X times per week, or daily)? And, what time of the day/night can the cleaning be performed?
  10. Are there any compliance related items specific to your business? For example, some companies have certification programs that require logging of certain tasks including cleaning tasks.
  11. It is customary in the janitorial industry for the cleaning contractor to provide all cleaning equipment and cleaning agents. The customer typically provides all “customer consumables” which includes but not limited to; paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, hand sanitizer, feminine napkins, air freshener and trash can liners. However, if you would like us to provide these items, just let us know. We will provide these items at our cost.
  12. What are your staff qualification requirements (i.e.: 5-panel or 10-panel drug screening, child clearance, FBI criminal background check, HIPPA/FERPA training, etc.)?

The above list is long, but don’t let it frighten you. Dillon Building Services can spend a little bit of time with you at your facility and document everything listed above. Then we will provide you with a professional cleaning proposal that lists all the specific cleaning tasks for each area and how frequently they are to be performed. We hope to impress you enough to win your business. But you can reuse our documentation of your facility and your cleaning needs to obtain other quotes if you so choose. Call us today. 610-539-3295